Winning strategies

What makes the brand essential is what it promises, but it is also what it maintains. The branded products conquer the market also because they have kept those promises made when they were not famous. Now that they have won on the competition, they have certainly less obligations. Their image is strong.

Big fish and small fish

We are in the ocean of the global market and there are these great fish that dominate. Maybe we are small fish and we would like to understand how to buy our little piece of sea while branded products threaten us. We certainly cannot compete with their size. We must, as in the story of little David and the giant Goliath, understand their weakness and our strengths. Depending on the sector we have chosen, we must study the market to find the niches left free by the big brands.

Top Tips


· Study your enemy for a long time, thoroughly, calmly. Find out where it is strong and where it is weak. When you have discovered its weakness, try to avoid it. When you have discovered its strength, imitate it.

· Study its customers, to whom that company is aimed. What are the categories of people who buy its branded products. Do not fight on his own ground: it is stronger than you. Try to satisfy that part of market needs that does not cover. Sometimes brands underestimate certain small categories of people, which can be very powerful.

· If you can not beat them, ally with them. Sometimes branded products are unbeatable giants and no strategy can help. Find the way to make them friends.

Tomorrow's customers

Put yourself in their shoes. When someone buys branded products, is look for something specific. What motivates you to buy branded products rather than a generic one or a non-branded one? If you walk a little in their shoes you will discover what makes them comfortable and desirable. The game is done!